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Handmade leather products, using the finest materials and hand selected leathers from all over the world. Including, leather belts, bespoke bags, leather gig bags and custom made guitar straps that range from bass guitar straps, acoustic straps, padded straps or quite simply, design a guitar strap to suit your pocket!


Ever sat there and admired the elegant body, enchanting grain, voluptuous
curves, down the neck along the ... what the frikkin'...? what is that hideous
nylon rainbow strap? Quick, someone call the fashion police.

...Then you too are a true guitarist, and quite rightly you should question
this most hideous monstrosity. I mean it's just not on people. You know this
game. It's all about the look. So what's the point of hanging your precious guitar
on an unimaginative eyesore? If you're one of those that gig regularly you'll
appreciate the superior comfort of a , especially if you're playing
long sets or a heavy beast like a Les Paul.

Each strap is tailor made to your comfort needs, genre, guitar and playing style.
Straps are backed with the notorious "phat 'n comfy" Randy padding, are fully

Enter the website to design your very own, unique .

Mix 'n Match
Choose from an extensive range of leathers. For those who like something
a little different , exotic leathers are available. Each type of leather is available
in a range of thicknesses and can also be covered in any theme desired.
Some of the most popular
® can be embedded with
precious and semi-precious stones.

Width (Inches)
2", 3", basically any width you desire!

We can make your strap to any length to suit your playing needs.
All are adjustable too!

We have an extensive range of leathers, in a wide variety of colours. we also
dye leathers on site. See ordering for an indication of price. If you are thinking
of designing your own, have a look at Materials and let your imagination run wild!

Get your 'Phat 'n Comfy' stuffing in 3mm or 6mm


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